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My Calligraphy Styles

Here are my current calligraphy styles I offer. My copperplate and flourished copperplate are my most popular with brides. My other styles are named for the Nashville neighborhoods I feel like they resemble. I love to mix and match any of these scripts to create the perfect first impression for your event.  I can also try my best to match any script used within an invitation, who knows it might end up here one day! 

Plain Copperplate 

Plain Copperplate.jpg

A little less flourished than traditional copperplate, its plain counterpart has a more clean lines and a simplistic look.

Plain Copperplate_Address.jpg

Traditional Copperplate 

Classic Copperplate.jpg

A favorite for brides and events alike. My traditional copperplate is perfect for a classic and timeless event. 

Classic Copperplate_Address.jpg

Flourished Copperplate 

Flourished Copperplate.jpg

My favorite style to write, my flourished copperplate takes it a little further with detailed flourishes often interlacing with other letters for a lux finish.

Flourished Copperplate_Address.jpg

Belle Meade 

Belle Meade.jpg

Belle Meade is my take on the popular "Burgess" font. It's on the more upscale side of scripts, and great for weddings, showers, and parties alike. 

Belle Meade_Address.jpg

East Nashville

East Nashville (2).jpg

Like its neighborhood, East Nashville is a little different, but in the best way possible!

A classic block script that mixes and matches perfectly with just about any of the others. Perfect for parties, Christmas cards, or for a modern taken on any occasion. 

East Nashville_Address.jpg



Franklin is a mashup of relaxed and elaborate. Great for more formal events, or casual alike. 




In one word, Germantown is cool. A little on the more masculine side of scripts, it's great for custom menus, invitations, and of course looks great on envelopes. 


Green Hills 

Green Hills.jpg
Green Hills_Address.jpg

Like its namesake, Green Hills is a little fun, fancy, but still casual enough for all occasions. It's my take on the the "Mozart" script. 

Music Row


Music Row is a classic brush calligraphy script in a modern style. Keep in mind the shade of ink color can vary based on the brush used to write the script. This script also needs a little bit larger room to write, the more the better! 


Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park.jpg

Easy breezy, Sylvan Park is a lively and playful all lower case script. Perfect for all occasions and also mixes well with the other scripts. 

Sylvan Park_Address.jpg

The Gulch

The Gulch.jpg

Gulch is a casual, flirtatious script that dances across the envelope. Similar to the "Cantoni" font, it's perfect for all parties.

The Gulch_Address.jpg

Twelfth South

Twelvth South.jpg

Twelfth South is a sleek and modern script. Contemporary in style, it works well for all events formal and casual. 

Twelvth South_Address.jpg
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